KASTOwin Serisi Testere Tezgahları

The new KASTOwin bandsaw machine features impressive properties, such as extremely smooth running, high cutting performance and optimal blade life. It is due to the stable, vibration-optimised sawing unit in a high-quality, modern welded steel construction. Another bonus for increased stability is the double-sided guiding of the saw frame using modern linear guide systems. The essence of profitable automated sawing comprises two elements: high cutting performance and short downtimes. The new, fully-automated bandsaws from the KASTOwin range have been designed for mass production sawing of solid material, tube and profile. The easy operation and the well thought out material handling reduce the idle times and thus create the ideal conditions for highest efficiency.

Machine Model Cutting range (mm) Cutting range
(H x W) (mm)
Material feed length,
single stroke (mm)
Minimum cut length (mm) Minimum sawing diameter (mm)
KASTOwin A 3.3 330 350 x 350 500 10 10
KASTOwin A 4.6 460 460 x 460 500 10 10
KASTOwin A 5.6 560 560 x 560 500 10 10
KASTOwin A 8.6 860 860 x 860 500 10 20
KASTOwin A 10.6 1,060 1.060 x 1.060 500 10 20
KASTOwin Tube A 5.0 520 560 x 520 500 10 25 x 25
KASTOwin F 10.6 1,000 1.060 x 1.000 10 50 x 50

Advantages of the KASTOwin series machines:
• Customised to the specific application using a modular system design
• Quick motion using servo drive and ball screw spindle for the material feed and the linear guided saw frame
• Automatic band guide arm adjustment
• Quick and easy programming via colour touch screen
• SmartControl to ensure high bandsaw blade lifetimes
• Incremental feed for cutting batches of short pieces