KASTOvariospeed Serisi Testere Tezgahları

The fully automatic production circular saw is designed for high performance requirements at low to medium order lot sizes. Independently from material quality, form or dimension, the KASTOvariospeed C 15 processes rapidly changing orders fully automatically with minimum manpower. Carbide-tipped or HSS circular saw blades can be used optionally. The saw control EasyControl with clear and high ease of use offers the opportunity to enter up to 500 material data for Carbide and HSS cutting tools, to manage up to 200 cutting orders, to enter rush orders and to visualize the machine conditions.

Machine Model Material support height (mm) Saw blade diameter (mm) Cutting range
(round) mm
Cutting range (square) mm Cutting range
Flat (H x W) mm
KASTOvariospeed C 15 650 360 – 460 10-152 10 x 10 up to 135 x 135 10 x 10 up to 155 x 120

Advantages of the KASTOvariospeed series machines:

  • The basis for high cutting performances and long blade life of saw blades are the heavy machine base and high quality components.
  • Frequency-controlled 18 kW three-phase motor with reliable high-performance spur-gear system.
  • Pre-tensioned ball screw spindle for minimal ancillary time, automatic adaptation of feed stroke to the dimension of workpiece and form, rapid return stroke.
  • Precise cut-off pieces by means of optimum design and patented saw blade guide when the saw blade is entering and exiting the material.
  • NC-material feed with feed gripper, cut-off lengths from 7 up to 2.000 mm in one stroke, minimum remnant length only 40 mm.
  • Tilting table for sorting the cut-off pieces.
  • Sorting area within the cut-off length of 2.000 mm.
  • Saw control EasyControl (optional equipment: ExpertControl).
  • System diagnoses for all machine conditions, problem reports in clear text.
  • Allocation of cutting technology for corresponding material qualities according to DIN or “key of steel” for the chosen saw blades (HSS or Carbide).