KASTO Unitower Depolama Sistemleri

Unitower storage system is a space-saving storage solution for bar stock, sheet metal, pallets and much more. The UNITOWER offers significant space, time and handling advantages compared to conventional storage solutions like racks, floor storage or stacking cradles. The system is available in single- or double-sided design, where the single-sided tower can be extended to a double-sided tower at a later time. The UNITOWER is suitable to store bars or extrusions as well as sheet metal, plates, Euro pallets or boxes loaded with all different kinds of materials. It can be tailored to customer- specific applications or used as an island solution

Model Max. load capacity per location (ton) Max. system height (m) Usable storage length (mm) Usable storage width (mm) Lifting speed (m/min)
UNITOWER 1-5 up to 24 3.400 – 14.600 600/680/840/920/1.240 14 – 32
UNITOWER  B 1-5 up to 24 2.000 – 8.000 1.250/1.500/2.000 14 – 32

Advantages of the KASTO Unitower storage system:

  • Storage of bar stock, pallets, boxes, fixtures and transportation cradles
  • Loading/unloading station front and/or sideways as well as on different levels
  • Infeed to a sawing machine by means of connected roller conveyor
  • Various storage location dimensions possible