Atlas CNC Machinery Trade Ltd. Sti. as; Since our establishment, our aim is to present the latest and most advanced production techniques and tools to the service of our industry and thus contribute to the development of our country.

For this purpose, we are constantly working to provide the most advanced technologies to the service of our producers by closely following the developments in production technology all over the world.

We offer high quality, long lasting, high precision, economical, ecological, modern and modern production techniques and tools to the service of our esteemed customers together with our leading manufacturers, all of which we represent.

Sheet metal working machines in the industry serves the world’s leading manufacturers in Turkey representative here. With the inclusion of Mitsubishi laser cutting machines, the range of high-tech sheet metal processing machines they offer to customers is completed.

Atlas CNC machine’s goal is not only to sell, but also to contribute to Turkey’s manufacturing sector by providing the most advanced technologies.

Our values

In all our commercial relationships such as sales and purchases, we establish trust-based communications for fair, mutual benefit purposes and maintain our promise within the framework of ethical rules and laws.

Our Mission and Vision

Providing benefit to our customers and national economy with designs and applications that determine the agenda, not following the sector, Having more say in international markets, Lowering process and energy costs and increasing production.

Our Quality Policy

Atlas CNC’s quality policy is based on “customer satisfaction”. The aim of the company is to provide products and projects that comply with international standards, technical requirements and customer demands.

Our Distributions