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Dalian Huagong Innovation Technology Co., Ltd. is a new high-tech enterprise devoting to innovation and research and development established in 2003 with business covering many countries all over the world. It mainly concentrates on automotive, electrical equipments, white goods, energy and construction industries.

Excellent Sealing Performance

The integration of advanced equipment and pulyurethane materials guarantee consistent and high quality in production. The machines are capable to provide complete sealing suitable for any environment required. All sorts of unwanted substances such as humidity, dust or chemicals can be blocked out. The products have high resistance to tensile and impact forces, abrasives and corrosives.

Reliable Safety Features

Machines are designed to to be environment friendly, and produced with early warning and accident prevention systems, to provide customers health and safety guarantee.

Higher Productivity

Application process of the seal is highly automates and simplifed, making the process highly efficient and providing high speed, single step operation, without requiring additional post processes.

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# Öğe Başlığı İzlenimler
1 PU Conta Döküm Makinası 1518
2 Uygulamalar 1342
3 Köpük Conta Döküm Makinası 1407
4 PU Kaplama Makinası 1349
5 Miktar Kontrollü Yapıştırıcı Dolum Makinası 1307
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